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Construction adjudication: draft decisions and apparent bias

There are two primary grounds on which the courts will refuse to uphold an adjudicator’s decision...

Financial Ombudsman award bars further recovery in civil proceedings

A recent High Court judgement confirms that a claimant who accepts a final decision from the Financial Ombudsman Service is bound by it and will not subsequently be able to bring a civil claim in relation to the same matter.

How important is company culture to employee productivity?

Research seems to suggest that those companies who invest in “company culture” tend to do better than their competitors in the productivity stakes. But sometimes the noise surrounding the whole concept of corporate culture can mask what it’s really about.

Financial advisers’ engagement letters: watch out for the tail-gunner

Financial advisers’ terms of engagement typically provide the adviser with a premium for a successful outcome to the transaction. The engagement can normally be terminated at relatively short notice. What is to prevent the client from terminating...

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