Directors AND Officers Insurance

Why do you need directors and officers insurance?

As a director or senior executive, every decision you make can potentially put you at risk personally of incurring expensive claims and legal costs. 

Changing regulation and an increasingly litigious society mean that your business and its directors face constant exposure to claims. With associated legal defence costs, even winning a legal case can be an expensive process.

Claims can be made against directors and officers within your organisation from shareholders, fellow directors, and employees through to creditors, funders, customers, and regulatory bodies.

Risk Management Support

At Marsh Commercial, we also offer risk management advice to help mitigate the day-to-day risks you face in your professions, whilst our dedicated in-house claims team will guide you through the claims process step by step, helping to get the right resolution.

What can directors and officers insurance do for you?

We will work with you to ensure you have directors and officers insurance in place to protect both your business and your personal assets.

As well as your legal defence costs, our directors and officers insurance will provide cover for any final settlement or compensation award, in addition to crisis and PR costs.