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We appreciate that dealing with claims can be stressful, and that it is often an individual or the companies reputation at stake so we do everything in our power to give our clients piece of mind. To notify us of a claim, please email piclaims@bluefingroup.co.uk.

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Notify a claim

Here we've answered some frequently asked questions about professional indemnity insurance claims and the notification process. We hope it gives you the answers you're looking for but if not please call us or use the form to request a call from our claims team.

Will my premium increase because I have notified a potential claim?

Insurers will only normally apply an increased premium if it becomes apparent that you have been negligent and there is a strong possibility that a payment will need to be made.

What duties do I have to notify a circumstance or claim under my PI policy?

All professional indemnity policies incorporate conditions that mean that before your insurers will indemnify you, under the terms of your policy you have a duty to notify them of

  • any communication whether in writing or oral intimating a claim or an intention to make a claim against you arising from any professional neglect in the conduct of your business, or for any loss which may be covered by the policy
  • any circumstances which may give rise to a claim against you 

In addition, any notification of a claim or circumstance should be made immediately and before expiry of the policy otherwise there is a substantial risk that insurers may refuse to indemnify you.

You should refer to your policy wording in respect of these conditions and familiarise yourself with them as failure to adhere to the policy terms and conditions could result in losing your right to indemnity or payment for that loss or claim.

What should I do if a claimant or their representative contacts me?

If a claim is made against you, you must not make any admissions of liability, nor make any offers of settlement, without the prior agreement of your insurers. In addition, you should not disclose to any party that you have notified your professional indemnity insurers.

In the event that you are contacted by a claimant or their representative, contact us immediately for further assistance.

What is the difference between a claim and a circumstance?

A claim means a demand for, or an assertion of a right to, civil compensation or civil damages or an intimation of an intention to seek such compensation or damages.

A circumstance means an incident, occurrence, fact, matter, act or omission which may give rise to a claim in respect of civil liability.

A circumstance can be an instance, complaint or expression of dissatisfaction which may give rise to a claim arising as a result of your advice or services.


Claim notification form PDF document - 47.2 KB - 20/03/2018
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