Client Feedback

Client experience

As a valued client, we appreciate that without you we would not be in business. This appreciation drives our Client Experience Programme that enables us to listen to and respond to your feedback.

Individual recognition - Through our Recognise Programme, you also have the opportunity to identify individuals who provide outstanding service.

A perfect balance - Don’t worry, you won't be overwhelmed with survey requests for feedback; we won’t send you more than four requests a year.

Your feedback shapes our business

Through our Client Experience Programme, every day we hear directly from our clients, helping us to understand what matters most and how our service makes you feel.

Read by managers at a local and national level, each piece of feedback is used to improve the business and services we provide to you.We don’t pay lip service to your feedback.

This is not a research activity or a creatively disguised sales initiative. This programme genuinely shapes the way we do business every day.