Webinar: Risk management & PII - what's in it for me? Webinar video included

Bluefin Professions, in conjunction with ICAEW, and Beale and Company Solicitors invite you to watch a webinar that you really can’t afford to miss.

Joins us for an informative, interesting and educational rollercoaster ride through the minefield of risk management, indemnity insurance and claims against chartered accountants.

This webinar will provide helpful hints and tips on why risk management should be an essential part of any accountant’s practice. Not only will this webinar explain how good risk management can help reduce the likelihood of claims against your practice but it will also walk you through some common types of claims made against accountants with guidance as to how to avoid those claims occurring in the first place.

•The key areas which will be covered are:
•The current state of the PI market for accountants
•The importance of considering your exposure to risk
•The life cycle of a PI claim
•How to reduce your risk of PI claims
•Cybercrime and document loss
•Your PI policy (your duties under your policy and a look at the scope of cover)
•PI claims examples

Featured speakers:
1.Neil Williams, Claims Director, Bluefin Professions and
2.Joe Eizenberg, Partner, Beale and Co Solicitors