Recruitment hot topic - What is the cost of Bad debt?

Bluefin’s trade credit team are noticing recruitment companies making the most of the opportunities for growth in the UK since the recession.

With that growth could be the need to offer open credit terms to existing and new customers, thus increasing the likelihood of a bad debt.

So how does a recruitment company fulfil its growth ambitions while minimising the amount of risk it exposes itself to?

Recruiters that choose to work with Bluefin are given true line of sight on the solvency of their own customers and new business prospects. They are then able to focus their sales and service efforts to where the best returns can be made - growing customers that require more personnel and most importantly, that pay. As they grow – so do you.

  • Very competitive premiums for specialist cover, not just bad debt protection.
  • An independent, thorough and unbiased review of all the market options.
  • Work done, not yet invoiced.
  • Unsigned timesheets.
  • Queried invoices.
  • Self-billing arrangements.
  • Quick turnaround times on credit limit decisions and claims payments.
  • The option to add your invoice finance provider as loss payee or joint insured.

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