The Law Society issues a warning to solicitors

Apro Management Limited, the manager of Berliner, has written to firms advising that it is uncertain whether that insurer will be able to write any solicitors' business in the 2013-14 renewal.

We understand that there are around 1,000 firms who may have accepted quotes from Berliner that may be affected.

These firms are advised to seek alternative cover in the few weeks left until the 1 October 2013 renewal deadline. Firms should request that Apro Management repay any premium paid in advance of 1 October. Apro is no longer accepting any further premium sums.

The Law Society encourages all firms to access the full range of insurers prepared to underwrite firms of their size and time as a matter of urgency.

Many firms who accepted quotes from Berliner were previously insured by Balva. At the time, the Law Society warned those firms who were offered to switch to Berliner to consider the financial security of insurers and explore their full range of renewal options this year.

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