Contents insurance is more popular than life insurance

New research published this week has found that one third ofpeople in the UK will buy contents insurance before they purchase lifeinsurance despite life insurance being rated as the most important type ofcover.

Almost 75% of those surveyed have home contents insurance,58% have buildings insurance, 38% have life assurance and 33% buy travelinsurance.

This is despite the fact that life insurance policies areperceived to be the most important compared to car, travel and home insurance.

A spokesman for Zurich, which carried out the research,said: "Although more people thought that life cover should be the highestpriority in terms of having insurance, it only ranks fourth in the cover thatpeople actually buy.

"Without life insurance, the devastation felt when aloved one dies can closely be followed by financial devastation when the familyare unable to afford to live their current lifestyle. For many, selling afamily home soon after the death of spouse is a harsh reality."

Buying habits also vary between regions with 33% of Welshpeople thinking that having life insurance should be top of their prioritylists, closely followed by those living in Scotland at 30%. Only 16% ofLondoners thought that life cover was a top priority for them.